Rainwater harvesting in India is a very popular way of saving the water. It is the process of collecting the rainwater on and storing it for further use. Storing rainwater can help us to reduce our water bills and water shortage troubles. There are various rainwater harvesting methods, but choosing the right method is necessary. Rainwater storage system entirely depends upon the amount of rainfall, your budget, and other storage requirements. Committing to meet the shortage of water, we offer best Rainwater harvesting installations and solutions to save the maximum amount of water for later use. We work as a team of professionals who have set up hundreds of rain harvesting system and project. The basic idea is to catch the rainwater and strait it to the pre-defined recharge points after filtration. The stormwater collection helps to increase the groundwater levels. With us, there are numerous solutions available which help fruitage rainwater and clean it for non-potable usage.

  • Rain Water Holding Tank - This is the most common way of rainfall harvesting in which rainwater tank is used to store the falling water and in case of overflow from this tank, the water will be sidetracked further to a ‘Percolation’ tank. The water stored in these tanks can be used for various purposes like Horticulture etc.
  • Rain Water Percolation tank - These pots are easy to construct as compared to the RCC and brickwork tanks. This is not only reliable for catching rainwater but also clears the clogging issue in township areas.
  • Storm Water Drain - Next comes, the Stormwater drain, which is designed to drain the excess rainwater from water-resistant surfaces like parks, parking lots, roads, roofs etc. This helps to avoid the unhygienic conditions that occur due to still water in public areas.

Backed with years of experience and technical excellence, we hold expertise in delivering the best rainwater recycling solutions. We make use of the state of the art techniques and methods that set benchmarks as the advanced ways of saving the rainwater. Keep in mind the value of water and contact us today for availing the better execution of water harvesting services as per your requirement and within the stipulated period of time.

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